Prince Constantine of Her Kingdom Avelina

Disdainful, Arrogant and Racist. As deadly with his tongue, as he is with his sword.


Age: 18 years old


Born fifth in line to the ruling family of the kingdom Avelina; a prince who was raised to believe in the old traditions of Avelina.

Placing high stock in a pure human bloodline, he feels that the world belongs to him and his kind, and they have proven it by carving their territory out from the orcish lands, taking the tundras of Avelina for themselves.

A brash and arrogant youth; he feels that the easiest solution to a problem is treachery, or bloodshed.

Quick to draw his blade, and quick to lash out with his wit, he leaves a scorned trail behind him where ever he goes.

Disdainful towards anyone of anything less than a pure and ‘civilized’ blood line, he feels that all of the monstrous and ‘unsightly’ races are below him and his kind. (ie; Ratfolk, Kobolds, Half-Orcs, etc)

Acceptable races are those of an Elvish nature, as well as most Dwarfs, and he shows a level of thinly veiled racist respect towards some of the more recently discovered civilized races. (ie; Kitsune, Catfolk, and etc.)

Prince Constantine of Her Kingdom Avelina

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