Shakhs Alttyuyur

Aging Tengu from a far away land.



Hunched over and aging, his dark black feathers are graying in his age, his feathers are dyed with strange arcane markings that appear to be written in Tengu. He wears a dark robe adorned with many holsters for his many throwing implements, as well as various vials of various potions and poisons.


Born into a family of monks, he learned how to channel his energy into thrown weapons with great effectiveness. One day he was charmed by the magics of a travelling spell caster, and left his monastery to learn these new magical skills. He since learned to cast his spells through the thrown weapons of his training.

20 years later and he has no memories of his family, he has since lost most of what makes him a Tengu, and as such has grown distant and pragmatic. Although some traits never leave, always a traveler he has a knack for languages, speaking many, and picking them up even easier. As all Tengu are, he is easily flattered.

Displeased by the stereotypes of other Tengu, he tries to stay clear of behavior befitting a typical Tengu, and aims to set peoples records straight through facts and reason.


A Tengu without a family, or a culture, his temperament is that of a scholar first, and a creature second. He speaks methodically and decisively, and rarely uses contractions. His intellectual past has left him pragmatic to a fault where all decisions will be made from a reasonable stand-point, this approach has also given him the ability make a decision when few others are able.

However; he is still a Tengu, and decades away from his home, and he is still easily flattered, despite his best efforts.


Shakhs main purpose in his journey, during this late stage of his life, is to learn as much magic has he possibly can; as well as see all the world has to offer. Some day, many years down the road, he intends to hide his spell book somewhere another magus might look for it. He will leave a clue at his birth place, as well as his death place.

Shakhs Alttyuyur

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